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About Lykos Leather

Lykos Leather is the largest handcrafted Viking age store in the west coast of America, supplying the widest selection of Viking age, renaissance, and historically inspired modern wares.

In 2014 Colin Smiley started the Lykos Leather Etsy shop.

Now, 8 years later with well over 50,000 customers, the Lykos Leather crew continues to grow on our own website featuring unique wares from natural materials such as wool, linen, Sterling Silver, Bronze, Oak, Scandinavian furs, European and American made leather. We also pride ourselves in being the only shop in America allowed to sell jewelry designed by legendary tattoo artist and lead singer of Heilung, Kai Uwe Faust, as well as Museum replicas by Viking Kristall.

My Love for History

It Began at the age of 4 going to my first renaissance faire. Shooting crossbows, getting into oversized armor and fighting my older siblings was all I needed to get hooked on reenacting. Time went on, costumes changed and improved, and I began leather working as a means to improve my garb with higher quality kit. I began crafting small things and gifts for friends and family, and found myself quickly falling in love with the art of leather working. After months of custom orders and requests piling in and being fulfilled, to the delight of happy customers and encouragement of loved ones, I decided to go full time and share my infatuation with history and crafting with others.

Continually Pushing me Forward 

The goal is to build something I can be proud to hand down to my son; to show him that it is possible to follow your dreams, chase the things you love in life, and to build a community while never putting your ethics and beliefs to the side in order to succeed.

The Lykos Leather Promise

Is to offer you useful pieces that will last you through all your adventures, items that will become more beautiful with age at an affordable price. One of the things that has been a driving force since the beginning has been creating high quality, long-lasting items made from the best historically accurate materials we can find. Never settling, always improving and growing is something that has stayed with us over the years as we found other talented artisans to work with, adding to our massive collection of in-house made products, and bringing you the best selection of both historical and modern wares.

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