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14K Gold Valkyrie pendant

14K Gold Valkyrie pendant

Material: Solid 14K Gold (4.38-4.4 grams of gold), leather cord

Size: 26mm by 19 mm // 1.02 inches by 0.75 inches

This pendent is an exact replica of a Rus’ Viking belt mount from the 9th century and was cast directly from the original historical artifact. The image likely depicts a Valkyrie, with owl-like features and a striking gaze.

Norse lore includes many powerful birds of prey, including falcons, eagles, and hawks. Some of the gods and goddesses, like Freyja, can shapeshift into these birds.

Because Valkyries fly fallen warriors to the halls of Valhalla, it's no wonder this facial depiction resembles that of a powerful bird!

Please feel free to message me with any questions!

More on Valkyries:

In Norse mythology, Valkyries are Odin’s associates of war. Often described as supernatural female warriors, they fly to earth during battles and choose the soldiers that will live and die, which Odin ultimately dictates.

These fallen soldiers are taken to Valhalla, where the Valkyries serve them mead and food at the end of their long training days. They will dine with Odin here until they are called to fight in Ragnarök.

A somewhat more eerie description of Valkyries exists in Njal’s Saga in a portion of Skaldic verse known as Darraðarljoð. Here, Valkyries weave on a loom with men’s entrails, using their heads as weights and a sword as the shuttle.

Famous Valkyries include Brynhildr, who is mentioned in the Völsunga Saga and Snorri’s Skáldskaparsmál.

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