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6 Men’s Morris Board Game

6 Men’s Morris Board Game

Morris was played extensively during the middle ages (1100-1453 CE), and potentially even as early as 1400 BCE! the name Translates from the latin word “Merelles, meaning “gaming piece”.

Included in this set:

Storage container

Thick canvas fabric game board with our very own artistic versions of “6 Men’s Morris” featuring historical Viking age art. Measuring a total size of 14 inch x 14 inch. With a total playing field length of 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches.

Hardwood playing pieces .75x.75 inch game pieces including:
6 black playing pieces.
6 white playing piece.

Storage pouch for playing pieces.

Professionally written rules are included with this game plus alternative versions.

You may also choose to purchase this game with 6 spare playing pieces including 3 black circles and 3 white circle playing pieces for an additional 1$

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