Black Elder Futhark Oak Norse Rune Set

Crafted in sustainable Oak, filled with Black resin, sanded by hand and sealed with natural oils and waxes.

Size: Runes average 1.1 inches wide and tall and 1/4 inch thick.

The Runes were the spiritual foundation for the norse people, each holding a deeper meaning and reminder to carry through life. Below is a list of the included powerful 24 "elder rúns" with their english as well as norse names.

Fehu Fé – cattle, wealth, the balance of keeping a level head through ups and downs
Uruz Ur – primal force , our center as beings
Thurisaz Thurs – Giant, obstacle , often connected with Thor since he is the protector
Ansuz Ás – Divine , asgard , a ruù often connected with Odin the allfather
Raidho Raid – journey, travel
Kenaz Kaun – knowledge , wisdom , healing
Geof Gifu – gift , receiving and giving
Wynjo Wyn – joy
Hagalaz Hagal – Hail , challenge , the ice will melt and give new nourishment
Nauthiz Naud – necessity , true need
Isa Is – stagnation , self, internal work
Jera Jara – harvest ,seasonal preparation , continually working for what's ahead and being flexible
Pertha – destiny vs. faith
Eiwhaz Eo – yew, strength and flexibility, the branch not breaking under the snow but bending to spring up once more
Algiz Elgr – elk , protection
Sowilo Sol – sun , life force perseverance of life
Tiwaz Tyr – God , direction , justice , law
Berkano Bjarkan – growth, branching out
ewhaz Eol – adventure
Mannaz Madr – Man, Human experience , sharing
Laguz Laugr – Water , life giving , powerful, adaptable, finding a way
Ingwaz Ing – beginning ,seed , growth , new life
Othala Odal – heritage, ancestral , family ,
Dagaz Dagr – day, new day , present

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