Blue-Tooth Viking Sword

Based on historical finds from Harald Bluetooth’s time 10th Century Denmark.

Blade is hand crafted from high quality carbon steel and forged over open fire, just like a 1000 years ago. The blade is then hardened and tempered in the traditional way, making the blade both elastic and strong.

Includes a handmade scabbard fitted with bronze and a wood core with stitched leather.

Type S blade
Material: Medium steel with 0.6% carbon (classification 1060)
Total length: 37″ (95 cm)
Length of blade: 30.5″ (78 cm)
Maximum width of blade: 2.1″ (55 mm)
Edge: Not fully sharpened
Grip length: 4.25″ (11 cm)
Full tang with a peened pommel

Please note blades with a pointed end and or sharpened are not meant for live combat.


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