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Elder Futhark Rune Wood Pin

Elder Futhark Rune Wood Pin

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Wood pin with rubber backing, price per pin.

Size: length 1 inch diameter (25mm), width 1/16th (3mm).

Fehu- cattle, wealth, the balance of keeping a level head through ups and downs
Ūruz- primal force , our center as beings
Thurisaz- Giant, obstacle , often connected with Thor since he is the protecter
Ansuz- Divine , asgard , a ruù often connected with Odin the allfather
Raido- journy, travel
Kauna- knowledge , wisdom , healing
Gēbō- gift , receiving and giving
Wynjō- joy
Hagalaz- Hail , challenge , the ice will melt and give new nourishment
Nauthiz- necessity , true need
Isaz- stagnation , self, internal work
Jéra- harvest ,seasonal preparation , continually working for whats ahead and being flexible
Perthó- destiny vs. faith
Eihaz- yew, strength and flexibility, the branch not breaking under the snow but bending to spring up once more
Algiz- elk , protection
Sōwilō- sun , life force, perseverance of life
Tiwaz- God , direction , justice , law
Berkana- growth, branching out
Ehwaz- adventure
Mannaz- Man, Human experience , sharing
Laguz- Water , life giving , powerful, adaptable, finding a way
Ingwaz- beginning ,seed , growth , new life
Dagaz- day, new day , present
Ōthala- heritage, ancestral , family

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.


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