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Freya Pendant

Freya Pendant

Materials: Bronze or Sterling Silver (hand cast), leather cord

Size: 30mm by 17mm // 1.25 inches by 3/4 inch

More on Freya (Freyja):

Perhaps the most famous Norse goddess, Freya is a member of the Vanir family of gods. She is the daughter of Njörðr and twin sister to Frey. Known for many stories in which she exudes power, sexuality, and magic, Freya wields power over aspects of war and wealth.

There is debate over whether Frigg (Odin’s wife) and Freya share similar origins mythologically, but regardless we can infer that female strength is a focal point of these goddesses.

One of the most famous stories involving Freya is the acquisition of her necklace, Brísingamen, by way of sexual favors for its dwarven creators. But aside from this jeweled possession of hers (often thought to be related to amber or the colors of fire), Freya is called upon for magic work (specifically seiðr), and has been depicted in several tales in her falcon cloak, which allows flight.

Freya has two cat companions that pull her chariot, as well as a boar named Hildisvíni, whom she can ride. Her overwhelming beauty and sensuality make her the most depicted female goddess in ancient Norse jewelry and artwork.
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