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Gotland Aventurine Sterling Silver Earrings

Gotland Aventurine Sterling Silver Earrings

Materials: Sterling silver, mountain quartz.

Size; currently comes in two lens sizes

Small 14mm

medium 18mm

Please note pendant and chain are not included in this listing but are available in the shop more options can be found on out website at lykosleather.com

These stunning earrings were designed to match our replicat sets based on the original Visby lenses used in Viking Gotland around 1000 years ago.

Discovered in Fröjel (Gotland, Sweden) the purpose of these crystals is unknown. Speculations range from help with vision, to navigation, sky viewing, and even starting fires or divination.

What we do know is that optically, the largest of these crystals are comparable to modern aspheric lenses! So some of them were definitely used for some type of optical purpose – perhaps even in early telescopes.

Despite their original uses, no one can deny their elegant and captivating beauty!

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have!

More about Gotland:

Currently the largest island of Sweden, Gotland in the Viking Age was a massive and independently run trading hub. Over 700 Viking hoards have been found on the island, and archaeologists have identified more than 50 coastal Viking settlements there!

Gotland existed between Baltic trading ports and mainland Sweden, so naturally many of the artifacts and treasures exist from trading voyages to the east.

Treasures found include glass, amber, iron, carnelian, beeswax, furs, garnet, antler, and rock crystal that was used to craft the famous Visby Gotland crystal balls.

Carved runestones can be visited in Gotland as well, erected in the Viking Age with splendid artwork and runic inscriptions.


Purchase this item and get 1150-1350 Points - a worth of $5.75-$6.75
Purchase this item and get 1150-1350 Points - a worth of $5.75-$6.75