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Gotland Medieval Lantern

Gotland Medieval Lantern

These handcrafted Gotland lanterns are a replica from the late Swedish medieval period though some evidence suggest this style of lantern could have been used much earlier.

These solid maple wood frame lanterns are wrapped with natural Norwegian sheep rawhide that is form fitted to the frame.

Perfectly fitted with a vegetable tanned American leather handle with a wooden internal lift that allows you to lift up the candle to light it or blow it out then lower it.

These lanterns give off a mellow glow, bright enough to read by (within a close proximity) yet a soft enough light to give a beautiful almost fairy like lantern glow.

These lanterns work with tea lights or led lights. These lanterns are traditional enough to be present at ren faires and sca events however most events will not allow candles due to fire hazards to please be safe and follow all local rules.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.



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