Gungnir Odins Spear Replica

Material: Solid Sterling Silver or Bronze

Size: 1.14 in. by 0.27 in. by 0.15 in. // 29 mm by 7 mm by 4 mm

This is a hand casted replica pendant of Odin’s spear, (named Gungnir in the Viking sagas and mythology). Odin is known for his wisdom and strength, and his weapon of choice was both a strong and elegant representation of his power.

More about Gungnir (Odin’s Spear):

In Norse mythology, Gungnir is the spear of the god Odin.

While the sword and axe may seem like the most common weapons of the Norse, the spear was also widely used by Viking warriors and is found as pendants in graves, perhaps as an allegiance to Odin.

In both the Poetic and Prose Edda, magical Gungnir arrives in the hands of the Odin by way of Loki, who makes a series of deals with some dwarves. (This story is also how Mjölnir is created and comes into Thor’s possession.)

Odin is said to enter the final battle of Ragnarök gripping Gungnir, whose powers enable a true shot, no matter the wielder.

Scholars have also noted a similarity between this Norse story and the Irish folk hero Cú Chulainn, who wielded a magical spear, Gáe Bulga. Cú Chulainn is affiliated with the Celtic god Lugh, who also had a powerful spear in his arsenal of weapons.

A hand crafted adjustable leather cord will be provided with every necklace.

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Purchase this item and get 150-300 Points - a worth of $0.75-$1.50
Purchase this item and get 150-300 Points - a worth of $0.75-$1.50


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