Hand printed folded cards with Aegishjelmur and Elder Rune row design.

Hand printed cards with Vegvisir / Norse Compass and Elder Rune row design.

2 sets of two cards Printed together including an envelope for each card.

These cards are great for Birthdays and other celebrations , perfect to go along with gifts, to send in the mail to a loved one, you could also frame them and use as decorations and much much more.

Printed on A7 250 gsm Kraft paper that is stronger than regular paper. This paper is also more environmentally friendly due to the fact that nearly all the chemicals used in the process are recovered and reused, it is a self-sustaining method. The main byproducts which are not recycled are turpentine and tall oil, which are used for other manufacturing purposes.

Vegvísir / Norse Compass –

Literally meaning “Way-shower”, this symbol is likely of much later origin than Viking or proto-Norse times, but still has been called the “Viking compass” by many.

It maintains popularity due to its mystical inscription in the Huld Manuscript from Iceland. Here it is stated that the symbol will prevent the wearer from losing their way, even “in storms or bad weather, (and) even when the way is not known.”

Regardless of whether the Vikings used it, clearly Vegvísir still promotes a magical mindset and a purpose of useful enchantment.


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