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Handmade Cards With UrnesDragon, Vikingship and Valknut Design

Handmade Cards With UrnesDragon, Vikingship and Valknut Design

Hand printed cards with Urnes Dragon , Viking Ship And Valknut Design

Available as a set with one of each design or individually and includes envelopes

These cards are great for Birthdays and other celebrations , perfect to go along with gifts, to send in the mail to a loved one, you could also frame them and use as decorations and much much more.

Printed on A7 250 gsm Kraft paper that is stronger than regular paper. This paper is also more environmentally friendly due to the fact that nearly all the chemicals used in the process are recovered and reused, it is a self-sustaining method. The main byproducts which are not recycled are turpentine and tall oil, which are used for other manufacturing purposes.

Urnes style-

Dating from roughly 1050 to 1125, this style is named after a stave Church in Western Norway. Distinguished by slender beasts, intertwined with thin, ribbon-like bodies, this is one of the most widespread Viking styles. The beasts (usually identified as dragons/serpents) often form figure-eight like shapes or are interwoven symmetrically. They usually have pointed faces with downward angled lippets and large, almond shaped eyes. Beasts in this style are also seen on Swedish runestones with runic writing decorating their bodies.


This symbol, characterized by three interwoven or interlinked triangular shapes, is seen everywhere from Anglo-Saxon jewelry to early Viking Age grave artifacts and Swedish runestones.

The name translates literally to “knot of the warriors,” or something similar, although this is a modern attribution. The ancient name and purpose for the symbol is unknown.

One of the most popular theories regarding the Valknut is that it may represent the heart of a jotunn, or giant, named Hrungnir. Snorri’s Skáldskaparmál mentions this giant’s heart as a three pointed shape and is famous for its structure.

Another idea is that this represents the powers to bind the mind that Odin possessed. We know from the runestones it was likely affiliated with the god, because it appears often around depictions of him or wolves and ravens, but once again, we cannot be certain.


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