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Hnefatafl Viking Chess W/ Bone Playing Pieces

Hnefatafl Viking Chess W/ Bone Playing Pieces

Crafted with Organic natural canvas.

Hnefatafl was played during the viking age (793-1066 CE), middle ages (1100-1453 CE), and in some places as early as 400 CE!

Included in this set:

Storage container.

Thick canvas fabric game board with our very own artistic versions of “Hnefatafl” printed in high definition detail featuring historical Viking age art. Measuring a total size of 14 inch x 14 inch. With a total playing field length of 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches.

Hand crafted bone pieces are based on historical viking age playing pieces and average 1 inch wide (25mm) and 1/2 inch tall (13mm) game pieces including:
24 Antique black cow bone circle bone playing pieces
12 white circle cow bone playing pieces
1 Red circle cow bone king playing piece.

Spare pieces included.

Please note due to the pieces being a natural material and the nature of handcrafting every pieces will be unique and slightly different.

Storage pouch for playing pieces.

Professionally written rules are included with this game plus alternative versions.

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