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Leather Belt For Rugged Use.

Leather Belt For Rugged Use.

We only use Premium full grain vegetable tanned leather which is better for the industry, environment and will not react with the metal buckles like cheaper alum and chrome tanned leather will.

1 1/2 inches wide.

Hand Crafted from beginning to finish.

All of our edges are burnished by hand with Beeswax to create a natural water resistant and rounded edge that feels better than just a straight cut belt.

Your choice of removable belt buckle.

The heavy duty snaps will match the buckle you choose.

This listing is for a 26 inch waist all the way up to 50 inch waist if you need a custom size please message me first to see if i can accommodate your request.

*Please be sure to given me your actual waist measurement. Do not send me your pants size because it will not make an accurate sized belt.
All clothing manufactures determine their own sizes which mean a size 38 from one company will not be the same as another companies. So please measure your waist using our method below.

~How to measure your waist size
1) Take a tape measure, and/or peace of string/rope.
2) Put the end of the string on the button of your pants and wrap it around once.
3) Pull the string/rope to the tightness that you will wear mark where the string meets on your button.
5) Measure the length of the rope.

~How to measure your old belt.
Measure from the inside of the buckle to the hole you use most.

When you measure for your size please measure where your belt will sit with all of your normal everyday clothing you would wear it's important to note your belt size is larger than your waist size since your belt has to go around multiple layers of clothing.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me at anytime.


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