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Celtic King Leather Belt

Celtic King Leather Belt

Made from the highest quality, hand picked European leather.

This belt is a Medieval style ring belt with Celtic inspiration, 1 1/2 Inches Wide.

Hand tooled, meaning the design is hand cut and all the texture work is hand hammered in, taking a full day of labor.

During checkout, I need the size of your waist where the belt will be sitting. (I will add an additional 20 inches to account for wrapping around the ring and hanging down.)

Hand crafted from start to finish, using the highest quality materials and unique processes to create a product that you won’t find elsewhere.

The back side is dyed and sealed, unlike most ring belts on the market, because we believe you can’t pinch pennies to save a little extra on dye and still make high quality items. The devil is in the details and I personally think it looks silly to see a belt flap hanging down on someones garb that isn’t dyed properly.

The belt is finished off with a solid stainless steel ring.



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