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Mystery Viking Jewelry Crafting Glass-beads for Apron-strings

Mystery Viking Jewelry Crafting Glass-beads for Apron-strings

PLEASE note these will be completely random you do not get to pick ANY of the beads in this listing if you want specific beads please see my other listings.

These beads are sold by the bag of 40 grams or 80 gram bags.

Sizes vary greatly since this is a random bag, anywhere from 5mm long to 20mm.

The internal size for string is usually 1/2mm to 1mm. historically thin metal wire was used to string beads you can also use fishing line if you wish to use something Modern and flexible.

Glass bead were also a form of currency during the dark ages and even had laws in place to determine a base value for certain beads, for example a single small green bead was legally worth one silver Dirham, which was worth up to one live chicken.

When traveling, vikings would trade and pick up beautiful beads to bring home and present to their Loved ones. It showed a well traveled Vikings great effort when traveling and the status of the household.

In viking graves they have uncovered beads from all sorts of material including bone, stone, metal and most commonly glass.



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