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Oak Elder Futhark Rune Pendant

Oak Elder Futhark Rune Pendant

Rune Pendant, Crafted in Oak. *Comes with a leather cord.

Multiple can be strung on the same cord to create initials or names for example.

The Runes were the spiritual foundation for the norse people, each holding a deeper meaning and reminder to carry through life. maybe it's something you want protection and guidance through, something you want to receive or share in yourself with others.

This collection of the powerful 24 "elder rúns" with their english as well as norse names can guide you to find the rún right for you.

Fehu Fé – cattle, wealth, the balance of keeping a level head through ups and downs
Uruz Ur – primal force , our center as beings
Thurisaz Thurs – Giant, obstacle , often connected with Thor since he is the protector
Ansuz Ás – Divine , asgard , a ruù often connected with Odin the allfather
Raidho Raid – journey, travel
Kenaz Kaun – knowledge , wisdom , healing
Geof Gifu – gift , receiving and giving
Wynjo Wyn – joy
Hagalaz Hagal – Hail , challenge , the ice will melt and give new nourishment
Nauthiz Naud – necessity , true need
Isa Is – stagnation , self, internal work
Jera Jara – harvest ,seasonal preparation , continually working for what's ahead and being flexible
Pertha – destiny vs. faith
Eiwhaz Eo – yew, strength and flexibility, the branch not breaking under the snow but bending to spring up once more
Algiz Elgr – elk , protection
Sowilo Sol – sun , life force perseverance of life
Tiwaz Tyr – God , direction , justice , law
Berkano Bjarkan – growth, branching out
ewhaz Eol – adventure
Mannaz Madr – Man, Human experience , sharing
Laguz Laugr – Water , life giving , powerful, adaptable, finding a way
Ingwaz Ing – beginning ,seed , growth , new life
Othala Odal – heritage, ancestral , family ,
Dagaz Dagr – day, new day , present

1.5 inches tall (38mm) width depends on the rune.

An adjustable leather cord will be provided with every necklace.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.


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