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Odin's Face Gotland Pendant

Odin's Face Gotland Pendant

Material: Solid bronze, leather cord.

Size: 1.5 in. by 15/16th in. // 3.5cm by 2.5 cm

This Replica from the Fölhagen Hoard is a 10th century Pendant depicting Odin the all-father, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Original piece was found on Gotland, a Swedish island that was one of the busiest viking age trade hubs that frequently had goods coming into it as far away as Egypt.

More on Odin (Óðinn) :

Master of the ancient Norse pantheon, Odin is a god affiliated with both wisdom and war. He is known for his ruthless and constant quest for knowledge, even at the expense of his and others’ well-being.

Odin is present in the Norse creation myth as one of the most ancient beings of the Nine Worlds, and he is the god who hears the prophecy Vǫluspá, which describes the doom known as Ragnarök. His high seat (Hliðskjálf) in Asgard sees all, and he has two raven companions (Huginn and Muninn) that fly through the worlds and bring him the news of all realms.

In tales where he wanders, Odin often wears a gray-colored cloak and a wide-brimmed hat to shade his one remaining eye, having given up his other in a quest for a drink from the magical and wisdom-filled well of Mimir. He rides the fastest horse, an eight-legged stallion called Sleipnir, and wields a magical spear called Gungnir that never misses its target.

Perhaps most famously, Odin is known for his reign over Valhalla (Valhǫll) and the Valkyries, who help him choose which fallen warriors will reside with him in this epic hall after death. He is also known for discovering the runes. The Norse poem Havamal (literally meaning words of the High-One, Odin) describes how he hung for nine days and nights from the world tree, Yggdrasill, sacrificing himself to himself. Eventually, he reaches down to pull up the runes.

An adjustable leather cord will be provided with every necklace.

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