Oseberg Tablet Woven belt 100% Wool Historical Viking Age Band

Oseberg replica tablet weaving.

This tablet weaving is suitable for medieval, viking or even elevated larp and sca costumes.

Informations about this band:

-Length: Finished belt with tassels on the ends 3.44 yards // 3,15 cm

-Width: 9mm // 11/32 inch

-Colors: Forest Green, Rusty Red.

-Material: 100% wool

Historical evidence: this pattern was found strapped on a loom in the Viking ship displayed in Oslo – The Oseberg Ship. the fragments found did not have any turns while mine does as you can see in the pictures

If you like this band but you need it in other length, color or materials, please contact me

About tablet weaving:

Tablet woven bands were used as decorative bands for clothes, but it was also used as belts, headbands or legwraps. The tablet weaving technique is used to create strong and narrow bands with a lot of various and nice patterns. This method goes back at least during the iron ages where a few patterns have been found in graves in large parts of Europe.


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