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Premium Gotland Seax

Premium Gotland Seax

Based on historical finds from Gotland Sweden.

Blade is hand crafted from high quality carbon steel and forged over open fire, just like a 1000 years ago. The blade is hardened and tempered in the traditional way, making the blade both elastic and strong.

Sheathes are Perfectly fitted and hand sewn in house featuring Oiled American made leather that will help keep out moisture as well as perfectly match our historical belt leather for continuity in your kit.

Blade Material: Medium steel with 0.6% carbon (classification 1060).
Handle Material: White Ash and brass fittings.
Total length: 17″ (43.5 cm)
Length of blade: 12″ (30 cm)
Maximum width of blade: 1.35″ (34 mm)
Maximum Thickness of blade 4.5mm
Edge: Rounded and blunted for combat
Grip length: 5″ (13 cm)

Combat blades are blunted and rounded ready for historical reenactment combat.

Please note the regular blades with a pointed end and or sharpened are not meant for live combat.

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