Sterling Silver Helm Of Awe Ægishjálmur Earrings

Materials: Sterling Silver (hand cast)

Small Size: 32mm by 27 mm

Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe)

Literally meaning “Helm of Awe” or “Helm of Terror,” this striking symbol dates back to the Middle Ages and likely to the Viking Age as well, although this cannot be proven.

It famously appears in an Icelandic manuscript known as Galdrabók that details the use of magic. As the name of the symbol suggests, it is affiliated with inducing or inciting awe and terror in those that see it.

Ægishjálmur is mentioned in the Völsunga saga as well, when our hero Sigurd defeats the dragon Fafnir and takes the helm from him. Whether this is the symbol or an actual helmet (perhaps bearing the symbol) we may never know.

Regardless, those with a warrior spirit or a need for protection may benefit from keeping this symbol nearby.

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