Valknut Viking Age Salt/Spice Container

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This salt shaker is hand carved with Odins Symbol, Valknut.

Spice and salt containers during the viking age were a symbol of status due to the extremely high cost of spices and salt most all of which was imported in from other countries. Most of these containers were highly decorated.

Around 3 to 3.5inches tall and 1.5 inch diameter on the top.
Holds around 1.5 ounce weight of spices/ salt.

More on Valknut


This symbol, characterized by three interwoven or interlinked triangular shapes, is seen everywhere from Anglo-Saxon jewelry to early Viking Age grave artifacts and Swedish runestones.

The name translates literally to “knot of the warriors,” or something similar, although this is a modern attribution. The ancient name and purpose for the symbol is unknown.

One of the most popular theories regarding the Valknut is that it may represent the heart of a jotunn, or giant, named Hrungnir. Snorri’s Skáldskaparmál mentions this giant’s heart as a three pointed shape and is famous for its structure.

Another idea is that this represents the powers to bind the mind that Odin possessed. We know from the runestones it was likely affiliated with the god, because it appears often around depictions of him or wolves and ravens, but once again, we cannot be certain.

Whatever it means to you, this symbol was clearly important enough to appear in ancient Germanic and Scandinavian cultures! It has even been theorized to relate to the famous Celtic symbol, the triskele.


Purchase this item and get 350-450 Points - a worth of $1.75-$2.25
Purchase this item and get 350-450 Points - a worth of $1.75-$2.25

2 reviews for Valknut Viking Age Salt/Spice Container

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    Steve Sneath

    Beautifully crafted, solidly made, ideal for portable or fixed altars. Highly recommended!

    September 27, 2021
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    John Minnick

    Item arrived quickly. Was well wrapped to protect during shipping. Good quality! Lid leaks a little, so I replaced them with corks and they are pretty much leak proof. Very pleased!

    August 17, 2020

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