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Vendel Helmet Plate Pendant

Vendel Helmet Plate Pendant

Material: Solid Bronze or Sterling silver

Silver Size: 40mm. by 33mm.
Bronze Size: 38mm by 32mm.

This pendant is a replica of a Vendel period helmet plate, which was a decorative plate that adorned the helmet.

More on the Vendel age:

This era followed the Migration Period and preceded the Viking Age in Sweden. It can also be described as Sweden’s Late Iron age, dating from 550-750/800 AD.

Punctuated by elaborate Scandinavian craftsmanship, graves were peppered with strikingly gorgeous and elaborate designs of jewelry and weaponry. Sweden’s Uppåkra and Helgö became huge trading posts, and raids began as the warrior elite turned their eyes and swords towards the favor of their gods.

An adjustable leather cord will be provided with every necklace.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

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