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Viking Age Clothing

Viking 10th C Raven Brass Leg Wrap Hooks

Viking 10th C Raven Brass Leg Wrap Hooks

Solid Cast Replica Brass hook from 10th C finds range from Sweden and the Rusk lands as well as multiple other areas.

In the shape of a Raven.


Width 40 mm

Thickness ranging from 2-6 mm

These are VERY sturdy i have been using my pair of these going on 5+ years now.

You will need to sew these on your leg wraps we recommend folding them to a point and hemming them, using one hook per leg as seen in the last photo of the listing or you can use 2 hooks per leg if you are displaying as a wealthy historical figure if you want but it is not necessary.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me any time.


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