Viking Dragon Gotland Sterling Silver or Bronze and Crystal Earrings

Material: Solid Sterling Silver and Gem Stones

Size: 1.75 in. (including hook) by 3/10 in. (width of crystal) // 4 cm by 1 cm

This stunning pair of earrings is inspired by a pendant found in Viking graves at Fröjel, Gotland in Sweden. The dragon head is a replica designed from those depicted on a bracelet also found in Gotland from the Viking Age.

The filigree is hand placed with master precision, not cast.

**All earrings are hypoallergenic. Our brass earrings have a solid sterling silver ear loop that is plated with gold. as well as the silver earrings which have the solid sterling silver ear loop.

More about Gotland:

Currently the largest island of Sweden, Gotland in the Viking Age was a massive and independently run trading hub. Over 700 Viking hoards have been found on the island, and archaeologists have identified more than 50 coastal Viking settlements here.

Gotland existed between Baltic trading ports and mainland Sweden, so naturally many of the artifacts and treasures exist from trading voyages to the east.

Treasures found include glass, amber, iron, carnelian, beeswax, furs, garnet, antler, and rock crystal that was used to craft the famous Visby Gotland crystal balls.

Carved runestones can be visited in Gotland as well, erected in the Viking Age with splendid artwork and runic inscriptions.

More about Dragons/Serpents:

Mysterious, powerful, wise, and destructive – dragons and magical serpents appear in the mythologies and folklores of Europe, Asia, and the ancient Americas.

Dragons appear often in Norse stories, even in sagas such as Ragnar Lodbrok’s (where he is said to have slain one, thus earning his name).

But, the most famous dragon in Norse Mythology is likely Níðhöggr. Mentioned in both Grímnismál and Völuspá, his notoriety comes from his perpetual gnawing of the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil.

We also see in the Volsunga saga that a dwarf named Fáfnir actually becomes a dragon (likely due to his greed in guarding a great treasures). He is later slain by the heroic Sigurðr, and a taste of this serpent’s blood bestows great knowledge and the ability to speak to birds.

The Midgard Serpent, also known as Jǫrmungandr (and one of Loki’s children) is another famous dragon/serpent. He is the enemy of Thor, and will destroy the god during Ragnarök.

Jǫrmungandr encircles the world of Midgard with his body by biting his own tail, a symbol of ouroboros (also seen in ancient Egypt and Greece). To many, this represents the “circle of life.” Creation cannot come without destruction, and all things are connected infinitely.

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Purchase this item and get 550 Points - a worth of $2.75
Purchase this item and get 550 Points - a worth of $2.75


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