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Viking Age Clothing

Viking Womens Square Cloak in Pine 100% Wool.

Viking Womens Square Cloak in Pine 100% Wool.

Viking Age Rectangle cloak in Pine 100% wool

Measuring at 44 X 44 inches //111 x 111 centimeters it will surely meet all your needs through your reenactment journey. at this size they are also great as a top cover to keep your warm and night or to invite someone to snuggle up in front of a warm fire.

These cloaks can be worn in multiple ways to insure you stay dry, warm and comfortable thanks to viking age ingenuity and the natural benefits of wool.

Cloaks provided protection from the cold, from the wind, and to a degree, from the rain. Cloaks were typically worn offset, overlapping the cloak over your dominant hand leaving it unhindered by the cloak.

With this style both of your hands are free and ready for any occurrence.
Inspired by various historical depictions like the carved rune stone we saw in Historical museum in Stockholm Sweden these past summers.
The iconic Tjängvide picture stone from Gotland thought to be a Valkyrie offering up a drinking horn to Odin riding Sleipnir or possibly a dead warrior riding arriving at Valhalla⚔️Thea, From Nornewoven, has been itching to create something more flattering for the female silhouette while staying true to the versatile aspects of the rectangle cloak as well as history.

In The Sagas-

One interpretation, based upon the Volsunga saga, is that the rider is Sigurd who is riding on Grani (an offspring of Sleipnir) and that the welcoming woman is either Brynhild or Grimhild who is welcoming Sigurd to the court of the Gjukungs. This story was popular during the Viking Age and is depicted on other runestones and image stones known as the Sigurd stones. It is also possible that the eight legs symbolize the high speed of the horse and that the rider is a living man who is welcomed by his wife. The man behind the woman appears to carry a bow and he may represent the dead man who is hunting and the quadruped may be his dog.

The lower field of the stone is almost completely filled with the image of a longship with tall aft and stern. The sail is almost as wide as the ship is long.[1]

It has been noted that the Tjängvide image stone has a phallic shape, and that similar combinations of death with erotic symbology occur on other Gotland rune and image stones


All of the garb offered here is the result of a Collaboration with NorneWoven, that we have worked toward for years. We've tirelessly studied historical finds as well as embroideries, jewelry pieces, stone carvings, sagas and more to ensure we offer garb that is as close to what the people of the viking age wore as we possibly can.

Every aspect of these pieces are a result of deep respect for the old ways, passion for history and crafting.
continuing to dig our roots deeper, branching out to grow.
-Solid as the mighty yggdrasil.

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